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“Children are the best subjects to photograph because they are uninhibited and their imaginations are free. Capturing their innocence and their love of adventure is my passion.” Mary Dowdle was born into a big family with lots of children, 11 to be exact. Her mother was an avid photographer documenting her father’s professional baseball career as well as her siblings and extended family. Although Mary graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature she was quickly swept away by the creative process of black and white photography and minored in Fine Art photography. Always drawn to portrait work, Mary learned about the photography business while working at Stockland Martel and assisting photographers and filmmakers in New York in the late 90’s. A mother of 3, Mary has worked extensively photographing children for over 10 years. Some of Mary’s clients include: TJMaxx, Kenzie Kids, The Red Wagon, Workman Publishing, New York Magazine, Lilikiks, Yogawear, Spruce Street Nursery School, Horizons for the Homeless.